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Generation Gape

Generation Gape

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Jax Thirio is desperate to relate to his stepson Levi Rhodes but he just can’t seem to remedy the generation gap. Jax asks his coworker Brandon Anderson for tips on how to fit in with the younger guys before fitting into Brandon. Mason Dean is excited for his hookup with hottie Dakota Payne. He knows Dakota is going to film him, and he’s cool with it, he just hopes he does a good job. Mason Dean is nervous that Dakota Payne will show the sex tape to someone, so Mason and Levi Rhodes go to Max Lorde’s yoga class to chill out. After the steamy yoga class, Max takes out his horniness on Levi’s (more than) willing ass. What’s better than having two hot friends? Banging them both. Max takes matters (and Mason’s sex tape) into his own hands when he goes to Dakota Payne’s house to run some re-con. Still a horny little monster, Max gets Dakota’s dick before he bounces. Back at Jax Thirios’ house, Mason Dean and Levi Rhodes are arguing, which prompts Jax to be the go-between (literally). Mason decides that Levi, who makes fun of him a lot, isn’t actually fun and seduces Jax and Levi, managing to get them into a very-Thirio threesome. When they’re done, Jax shows them that he has the teen lexicon down when he tells them that the threesome was fire.

Running Time: 152 minutes
Studio Name:   Next Door Taboo 




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